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We are proud of our innovative and successful MASH, one of the first in place from 2012, and now well embedded.

Other local areas had developed triage systems and multi-agency teams, but never such a comprehensive whole system approach.

Our child’s journey continues to evolve and respond to staff views and increasing demands on services. Our ways of working are designed to allow professionals more time to be professionals: more face-to-face time with families and less time filling in paperwork. It cuts out unnecessary process and time wasted on complex referral systems and maximises time for direct work with children and families.

We invest in our workforce and ‘growing our own’, as well as seeking to recruit experienced staff. Our partnerships with national recruiters including Frontline, StepUp and development initiatives such as Firstline evidence this.

Recent staff comments include:

‘I appreciate the availability of training and support to develop your career.’

‘I have valued all the learning opportunities I have had whilst working in Harrow and felt supported during my ASYE year.’

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