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    Setting the Agenda

Harrow is placing itself on the map for its innovative work and dynamic progress, including regular recognition in the local and national media.

It is the place to be for Children's Service professionals keen to make an impact both locally and on the national agenda.

10 key features

This integrated operating model requires a new organisational structure to bring together teams differently. The re-organisation of Children's Services enables integrated working both within the local authority and with partner agencies. Staff were consulted on the full structure and recruitment is underway. Key aspects of our model include:

  1. Strong partnerships with police, health and the third sector building on Total Place principles, delivering services together including a multi-agency information sharing hub
  2. A seamless multi-agency service with one point of contact that meets the needs of vulnerable children, young people and their families
  3. An early intervention approach to ensure that needs are met at the earliest opportunity and avoiding later expense once problems are entrenched
  4. A Team Around the Family/Child model to meet need in a co-ordinated way
  5. Reduced bureaucracy and improved integrated systems to maximise time are key
  6. Professionals are able to work with families and share information effectively
  7. A new relationship between the Council and schools, acknowledging their increasing autonomy (particularly our new academies) but recognising and building on their understanding of children and family circumstances
  8. The creation of a Harrow School Improvement Partnership, led by schools with the council as a key partner, to drive improvement for primary and special schools
  9. Maximising the efficient use of resources through robust strategic planning, commissioning and procurement of services to meet local need
  10. Improving outcomes through rigorous quality assurance closely linked to performance management and workforce development

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